Sweethearts, Red Roses and Chocolate

Valentines – Sweethearts, Red Roses and Chocolate.

The origin of celebrating Valentine’s with chocolate is unclear. Perhaps it is simply a merging of the increased popularity of chocolate with the growing celebration of Valentine’s Day. Whatever the reason it is now well imbedded in our psych.

Try making your own chocolate.“How to make Chocolate” is one of my recipes. It can fit with healthy eating and I provide variations for several dietary demands. Explore different flavour and texture combinations with the addition of ginger, coconut, almonds or orange; as just a few simple ideas.

For Valentine’s use a heart mould, if you have one. Alternatively fill small paper cups, adding other ingredients as suggested above, or pour the chocolate (or chocolate mix) onto parchment. Chill and when set break it into pieces. Serve on a platter with flowers, fruit and nuts.

Other chocolate recipes for Valentine’s are on my website;BrowsersGrazers.

Passionfruit and Papaya-imageIf you want a variation on chocolate for your Valentine’s dinner; cookArtichoke Hearts to serve as a starter or with pasta for a vegan meal and Passionfruit Papaya Mousse, as a dessert suitable for most diets.

Happy Healthy Cooking (and Eating)

Clare Sullivan

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