Mango Salsa

A multi-purpose dish – salad, appetiser or serve as a spicy accompaniment to many dishes.

Mangos are one of my favourite fruit. Growing up in a cool climate, we did not have mango when I was young. Later, while doing the Aussie travelling thing, I spent a few months in India where I ate mango every day. I plan to do the same when I return to a hot climate.
As a sweet, soft fruit mango are a wonderful dessert or afternoon snack. Here, they show their diversity as a salsa, a Mexican spicy sauce. The sweet, savoury and spicy flavours all compliment each other. The result is good with fish, prawns, grilled meats or a vegetarian nut or bean dish; and it makes a good snack with pappadums.

Diets for which Mango Salsa is suitable:

Diabetic, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Gluten Free, Low Calorie, Low Fat, Nut Free, Raw, Vegetarian and Vegan.


Preparation: 15 mins |Serves: variable

1 mango, ripe and firm*
½ red pepper, seeded
½ chilli, seeded**
½ red onion, small
2 tbsp coriander, chopped***
1 tbsp lime juice


DICE the mango, pepper, red onion and chilli (very fine).
CHOP coriander.
MIX all ingredients.


– Chill for 30 minutes before serving to enhance the flavours.
– Good topped with almonds (not NF), toasted pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds (not NF) particularly when served as a salad.


*Add a little sugar if the mango is not sweet enough.
**Use chilli to your taste.
***Add small quantity chopped mint.

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