Keep Calm and Eat Turkey

Simplifying food choice; cooking for food preferences and diets is what I write about. To this I will add a little ‘food sense’ at this the festive time of Thanksgiving and beyond.

For readers, food is abundant and with abundance comes over-indulgence. Eating too much often occurs unknowingly, one way being our portion size, the quantity we eat. Research shows that when food is presented on a larger plate or in a larger container we eat more. This is called Portion Distortion.

So, while what you eat is important, watching how much you eat is equally so. Reducing the size of meals by as little as 10%, a quantity you may not notice, can lead to weight loss.

At gatherings of friends and family it is easy to be distracted from the food we have in front of us. We pay less attention to what and how much we eat when we are enjoying ourselves with the music, drink, conversation and laughter. To avoid this risk of Portion Distortion consider your plate size; ‘coming back for seconds’ may not be necessary. Savour the flavour of all that you eat, enjoy every mouthful.

‘Be Thankful and Gobble’ is never an appropriate way with food.

‘Bon Ap’ is.

This awareness of what and how much you eat will help have adequate to satisfy your hunger rather than excess. (This is just one aspect of ‘mindful eating’ that I will be writing about in the weeks ahead.)

If you are looking for tasty healthy recipes for thanksgiving go to BrowsersGrazers – Festive Food. A few of the recipes you will find are:

pumpkin pie - imageChestnut and Mushroom Pie for vegan guests (and several other diets)

Pumpkin Pie, Crustless for Gluten Free and Wheat Free diets and anyone who likes pumpkin pie.

Pheasant Soup recipe is the basis for a soup with turkey remains.

Similarly the Pumpkin Soup which is high in protein may be a good meal for roast pumpkin.

Finally Red Bean Jellies make an unusual ‘sweetmeat’ for most at the end of your festive meal; Gluten Free and Vegan included.

Happy Thanksgiving

Clare Sullivan (The Grazer)

Red Bean Jellies
Red Bean Jelly
A healthy ‘sweet treat’ to serve, after a meal, that is suitable for many diets including Dairy Free, Egg Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free and Vegan.Do not be deterred by the idea of making a jelly for your dessert or snack. Jellies are delicious ….
Red Bean Jellies

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