How to Have Smart Children

How to have smart children — eat good healthy food before and during pregnancy.

There have been many studies exploring the diet of pregnant women and its impact on their babies. In recent years much of the focus has been on folic acid, iron and B12.

Some new research looks more generally at one specific food group, ie fruit. The result is exciting. It “raises the intriguing possibility that eating more fruit during pregnancy could boost the intelligence of a normal, healthy baby.”   (Cut and paste this link to read a report.)

While this study is preliminary, requiring further investigation, it supports and encourages the general principle of healthy eating.

You may wonder how to apply this to your diet. My recommendation is to eat a variety of fruit, with juice being no more than half your consumption. This is not to say you should eat copious amounts of fruit while pregnant, let alone become a “fruitarian”. High intakes of fruit can cause high blood sugar levels in some pregnant women; and eating large quantities of any particular food limits other foods and, with this, some nutrients. (A healthy diet full of the necessary nutrients is achieved with a varied diet, eating a wide range of foods.)

For how to eat more fruit, in tasty ways, when you have a moment check out my website where fruit is included in all types of meals and snacks.

Quinoa, Citrus and Herbs

Meanwhile, here are some ideas:

   • Snack on fruit between meals and eat fruit as dessert; when hungry don’t restrict yourself to one piece — Watermelon Slices;
   • Top your cereal with fresh, canned or Dried Fruit;
   • Grill fruit and serve as a dessert or on toast or English muffins — Peaches with Feta;
   • Include fruit in soups to lighten and sweeten — Beetroot and Pomegranate Soup;
   • Add fruit to salads for visual effect and sweetness — Blueberries with Greens;
   • Marinate fruit — Strawberries in Balsamic;
   • Poach fruit — Spicy Steamed Plums;
   • Make a fruit salad and flavour it with a little vanilla, cardamon, nutmeg, fresh basil or even a little chilli — Tropical Fruit Salad;
   • Make a sorbet (an ice-cream maker is not necessary) — Melon Ice with Ginger Syrup;
   • Incorporate fruit in a starter — Avocado and Grapefruit;
   • Make a fruit salsa to serve with a grilled meal — Nectarine Salsa.

A recent post was Papaya Sorbet, so refreshing as the heat has started building here in Livingstone.

Clare Sullivan

Happy Healthy Cooking

Papaya SorbetPapaya Sorbet Papaya (or Paw Paw) Sorbet, a tasty ice, is simply made without the need of ice cream maker. It is suitable for many diets including Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Raw.

When there is an abundance of fruit I prepare and cook it in a variety of ways to maximise my enjoyment. Papaya I add to bothTropical Fruit Salad and savouryPapaya Salad; and I make this delicious sorbet. Read More

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