How I Use Recipes

Jacques Pépin, the chef who wrote“La Technique”, uses a recipe as the starting point for a dish. He suggests that, even when following a recipe, he makes subtle changes. No two meals are the same.

Jacques Pépin’s ideas on recipes.

I was interested when I read this because I too use recipes only as a guide (not that I am professing to be a great cook). For me, they provide ideas for new combinations or proportions of ingredients, a change in cooking style, or a different style of presentation, visual effect. Initially, I follow the recipe, with perhaps a few minor adjustments like when the vegetables are over-ripe or the flour is damp due to the humidity. It is after this that I decide if I like the dish enough to want to cook it again with my own variations. This may be only to use local and seasonal fruit and vegetables, adding ingredients to alter the flavour or texture, or it may be more substantial changes to make it suitable for particular diets.

Adjusting recipes successfully can require several attempts before achieving the desired result. Such is the case for Flatbread with Yeast. My recipe is not original, being a combination of many flatbread, naan and pitta bread recipes that I have read and tried. What I have tried to do is simplify the numerous styles into one recipe and explain how to use different flours and cook flatbread under varying ambient temperatures.

You may also find it interesting to compare this recipe with my yeast-free flatbread, which while quicker to make, has a heavier texture and must be eaten immediately.

Happy Healthy Cooking

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