Grilled Nectarines and Berries

Two of summer’s favourite fruits in an elegant and simple dessert. It is a quick to prepare and is suitable for Diabetic, Gluten Free, Low Calorie, Paleo and Vegan diets.

For this recipe, the secret of ensuring a plate of bright colourful fruit is to have the your griddle at the correct heat. With a high temperature, the cooking time will be shorter and you will obtain caramelized nectarine with definite griddle-pattern while retaining the shape and texture of the fruit.
Select oil that will not burn at a high temperature; coconut oil is a good choice and adds a sweet aroma.
I have recommended you brush the nectarine with a little syrup to enhance the caramelization but this is not essential and you may choose not to add this for diabetic diets in particular.

Diets for which Grilled Nectarines and Berries are suitable:

Dairy Free, Diabeitc, Gluten Free, Low Calorie, Low Fat, Nut Free, Paleo, Vegan and Vegetarian.


Preparation: 10 mins | Cooking: 3-5 mins | Serves: 6

2 tbsp maple syrup*
2 tbsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp cinnamon
6 nectarines, ripe and firm
2 tsp coconut oil

2 cups (300gm) raspberries
1 tbsp sugar (optional)


MIX the maple syrup, lemon juice and cinnamon.
CUT the nectarines in half and remove the stone.
HEAT the griddle and grease with the oil.
BRUSH the nectarines with the syrup.
PLACE the nectarines, cut side down, on the griddle.
COOK for 2 minutes and check that they are marked. (If you place the fruit back with the cut side down, ensure the griddle matches any markings on the fruit – this is for visual effect, not a cooking instruction.)
TURN and cook on the skin side, approximately 1 minute. (The skin may brown slightly but you do not want to cook through or the fruit will be too soft and unshaped.)

PUREE the raspberries in a food processor. (For a thicker sauce, mash the berries with a fork. You can remove the seeds by pushing the sauce through a sieve; however, I retain the seeds as I like the texture they provide.)
ADD a little sugar to taste if necessary.


– Light summer dessert.
– Add crème fraiche, ice cream or tofu cream.


* Substitute maple syrup with agave or honey (not Vegans); for Diabetic diets you may eliminate the syrup or replace with stevia (although this will not caramelise the same). That said, the small quantity of syrup used per serve should not be a concern for Diabetic diets.)

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