Festival Salad

This is a salad to enjoy as a light, healthy meal utilising ingredients remaining from a roast or festive meal.

As the name suggests, this is the salad of ‘abundance’…otherwise known as the salad of leftovers!

In our enthusiasm for a happy time we so often over-cater. How to use cold, cooked vegetables can be a dilemma because they do not freeze well. A ‘fry up’, classic British ‘bubble and squeak’, is the usually suggestion. But my recommendation is a lighter meal, a more suitable choice after what may have been over-indulgence, a bright and colourful mix which should appeal to even the most jaded palate.

Be creative – there is no set recipe – and combine the ingredients you have at hand. A careful selection will make this salad suitable for any dietary requirements.

For colour, texture and flavour include:

  • roasted vegetables, especially those with a sweeter flavour such as parsnips;
  • crisp raw vegetables;
  • cold meat, eggs or nuts to add protein and make it a complete meal;
  • fresh herbs for flavour;
  • a dressing of lemon juice or balsamic vinegar to enliven the flavours. (An oil-based dressing is not recommended with roasted vegetables included in the salad.)

  • Diets for which Festive Salad is suitable:

    Diabetic, Diary Free, Fodmap, Gluten Free, Low Calorie, Low Fat, Nut Free, Vegetarian and Vegan.


    Preparation: 10 mins |Serves: variable

    Cooked ingredients
    roasted vegetables: potato, pumpkin, carrot, parsnip, celeriac, onions etc
    other vegetables: broccoli, brussels sprouts etc
    cold red meat, turkey, chicken and/or egg

    Uncooked Ingredients
    for freshness: tomato, celery, radish, pepper, spring onion, watercress or other greens
    for protein: cheese – ricotta for a sweet taste, feta for a salty flavour, a blue or strong cheddar (not Dairy Free)*
    for festive colour: pomegranate
    for texture: nuts (not Nut Free)*

    lemon juice or balsamic vinegar
    herbs, eg basil, parsley, chives
    preserved lemon
    cracked black pepper and salt


    PREPARE the salad ingredients:

  • Cut cooked vegetables into the size of your choice;
  • Dice cold meat and egg and break apart cold turkey or chicken;
  • Wash and slice raw vegetables;
  • Cut cubes of cheese or break into small portions.
  • MIX ingredients. (Toss the cooked and cold salad ingredients together or, alternatively, layer the ingredients, eg line the bowl or platter with green leaves, add a layer of roast vegetables, then salad ingredients and then top with cold meat or egg.)
    SPRINKLE the salad with chopped herbs, nuts and pomegranate seeds.
    POUR a couple of tsp of lemon juice or balsamic immediately before serving.


    – A tasty salad or a complete meal with the addition of meat, eggs, cheese or nuts when suitable for the diet.


    * The suitability of this salad for diets is dependent on your selection: Dairy Free no cheese; Egg Free no egg; Fodmap no broccoli, Brussels sprouts or onion; Low Fat a small proportion of roast vegetables and cheese and select lean meat and chicken; Nut Free no nuts; Vegetarian no red meat, turkey or chicken; Vegan no red meat, turkey, chicken, eggs or cheese.

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