Edible Gifts

The festive season is just around the corner, in unison with carols in the shopping malls. Or perhaps you have already started! Among many other things, this is a time for cooking and for giving. Sometimes these activities collide and our nearest and dearest receive edible gifts lovingly baked at home. Such gifts come with thoughtful consideration; but, for a growing number, this requires consideration of dietary restrictions and choices.

This week I have selected a number of my recipes, both old and new, that you may wish to make as an individual gift or to add to a Christmas hamper. They will be enjoyed by all and appreciated by those who can find these food festivities a bit challenging when managing diets.

Spiced Mixed NutsSpiced Nuts — Flavour a variety of roasted nuts. This makes a very useful gift for people who entertain.

Berber Spice Mix — Mix spices for your friends who enjoy cooking. Ethiopian cooking provides a wonderful array and many of the dishes are suitable for Gluten Free and Vegan diets. Present this gift with a link to recipes from this website. (Recipes can be found in the newsletterWhat’s Wat and the recipe for Ethiopean spicy chickenDoro Wat)

Tapenade — Used frequently in canapés, tapenade makes a thoughtful small gift at this time of year.

Speculaas Spice BiscuitsDate and Tamarind Chutney — Bottle these exotic flavours as a gift. This can then be incorporated in the seasonal celebratory meals or stored in the pantry where the flavours will further develop.

Speculaas, Spice Biscuits — These Gluten Free biscuits capture the winter spices of northern Europe. (They are also suitable for Dairy Free and Vegan diets.)

Spiced Fruit and Nut CakeFruit and Nut Roll — Wrap this delicacy or shape it as sweets for immediate consumption.

Spiced Fruit and Nut Cake — This dried fruit and nut cake is wheat-free and enriched with a little chocolate. It can be stored in an airtight container for weeks, although this is very unlikely to be necessary given the speed with which it usually gets eaten.

Find a wide selection of edible gifts on the following pages: Festive Foods and Extras.

Wishing you all the best for the festive season.

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