Brussels Sprouts, Pomegranate

The sweetness of shallots, orange and pomegranate enliven the sometimes bitter Brussels sprouts.

This is a bright and colourful dish, suggestive of festivity. This citrus flavour makes a light alternative to the traditional sprouts and chestnuts combination that is regularly served with roasts. I have found this dish a particularly good accompaniment to Duck with Balsamic. Try it with any strong-flavoured dishes: meats, cheeses, or vegan dishes with spices such as cumin or fennel.

Diets for which Brussels Sprouts and Pomegranate is suitable:

Diabetic, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Low Calorie, Low Fat, Nut Free, Vegetarian and Vegan.


Preparation: 10 mins | Cooking: 15 mins | Serves: 2+

150 gm (5 oz, about 8) shallots
300 gm (10 oz) Brussels sprouts
1 tbsp olive oil
1/2 orange, zest and juice
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
2 tbsp pomegranate seeds
1/2 tsp cracked black pepper
salt (if required)


POUR boiling water over the shallots and leave for 3 minutes. (This makes removing the skin easier.)
REMOVE the outer leaves from the sprouts and slice in half.
REMOVE the skin and any roots that remain from the shallot, then slice in half.
HEAT 1/2 tbsp oil in a frying pan, to a medium to hot temperature.
FRY the shallots, turning regularly until they start to brown (about 3 minutes).
REMOVE shallots from the frying pan.
ADD remaining 1/2 tbsp oil to the frying pan.
FRY the sprouts.
COOK for about 3 minutes, turning regularly until they start to brown.
RETURN the shallots to the pan and lower the heat.
ADD the balsamic vinegar and cook for 2 minutes until the majority of the vinegar has evaporated.
ADD the orange juice and zest and cook for a further 5 minutes. (The sprouts will retain their colour and be tender when you probe them.)
PRESS 1 tbsp pomegranate seeds to extract the juice. (Use a pestle and mortar; or place the seeds in a ramekin dish and use the back of a spoon to squash them.)
ADD the pomegranate juice and squashed seeds to the sprouts and shallots.
PLATE the sprouts mix and top with the remaining pomegranate seeds, black pepper and, if necessary, salt.


– A starter with crusty bread.
– Particularly good with other ’big’ flavours, eg game meat or strong cheese.

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