Almond Milk

A tasty milk substitute you can make at home that is suitable for Vegan and Dairy Free diets.

Do not be discouraged by the idea of making Almond Milk, it is easy and the results are delicious. You will never buy ready-made almond milk again, and, if you are new to almond milk you will find it a delicious alternative for dairy or soya milks.

I think the greatest advantage to making your own nut milk, aside from not having to dash to the corner store, is the knowledge that it is free of unwanted additives. What could be healthier?

If you want a little sweetener you control the quantity and type: honey, sugar, maple syrup, agave, dates, coconut sugar or Stevia. For a little sweet flavour, without the sugar, add a little vanilla.

Diets for which Almond Milk is suitable:

Diabetic, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Low Calorie, Low Fat, Paleo, Raw, Vegetarian and Vegan.


Preparation: 30 mins + 12 hrs soaking | Serves: 350ml+ (2 cups)

150 gm (1 cup) almonds, raw with skins
500 ml (2 cups) water
1/4 tsp salt (optional)
2 tsp honey or alternative sweetener (optional)
vanilla essence (optional)


SOAK the almonds, covering in water for a minimum of 12 hours. Nuts can be soaked for up to 48 hr*, changing the water every 12 hours. After soaking the nuts will be a little softer when you squeeze them.
COMBINE the rinsed nuts and 2 cups water.
BLEND, using a food processor or hand held blender. Slowly increase the speed as the nuts break down and the mixture becomes fine.
STRAIN the milk through a cheesecloth, nut bag or very fine sieve. Push more milk through the cloth with a gentle squeeze. To extract the final and richest quantity, place pressure on the ground nuts. (I place my bag in a sieve so the pressure does not break the bag, which happened once when I got too enthusiastic extracting the nut milk. The back of a spoon is a good but gentle pressure.**)
ADD any flavouring or sweeten to taste. Dilute to taste.***
REFRIGERATE the almond milk.****


– Stir before use.
– Almond milk can replace milk in all recipes, drinks and on cereal. Does not froth for a cappuccino though the milk coffee tastes very good.
– It can be refrigerated for 3-4 days.


* The longer the almonds soak, the creamier the milk will be.
** The remaining ground almond can be dried and used in baking in sweets (cakes and biscuits) or savoury dishes (substitute for bread coating). Spread the almond meal on a silicon baking tray (or on baking paper). Bake for a few hours 100 C/200 F/Gas 1 (50 C/104 F for a raw diet). Check regularly to ensure it does not burn, as it will particularly on the edges. Blend the dried meal for 1-2 minutes in a food processor or similar. Makes approx 1/2 cup almond meal.
*** Ratio of 1 cup almond to 2 cups water gives a rich milk. Add more water for a thinner milk.
**** Can be frozen for up to 3 months

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